NEW DBT Book: Stop Sabotaging: A 31 Day Challenge to Change Your Life by Debbie Corso

Now Available! Click HERE to purchase!

Stop Sabotaging: A 31 Day DBT Challenge to Change Your Life
by Debbie Corso, author of Healing From Borderline Personality Disorder: My Journey Out of Hell Through Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Here's what the book covers:
  • what sabotaging is
  • why, as emotionally dysregulated individuals, we tend to do it, and 
  • strategies for shifting out of this destructive pattern and radically changing your life
The book includes a 31 day practice of DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) skills, and keeping a journal as you read (whether old school pen and paper or a memo app on your smart phone) is essential.
The book contains skills and challenges that help you learn to:
  • know and love yourself more
  • connect more appropriately and closely with others
  • change how you view and value your life so that you reduce or virtually eliminate self-sabotaging from the options you choose from on a daily basis.  
If you're ready to Stop Sabotaging your life, join me on the journey of Creating a Life Worth Living!

Introduction by Alicia Paz, M.A., LLPC
Afterword by Amanda Smith, founder of My Dialectical Life

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Enjoy, and thank you for reading my books and blog! 

Click here to watch a video review of the book by "Atypical Aeshe," a transgender woman who chronicled her journey and progress with the book for the full 31 days on Youtube:

Click here to HERE psychologist Dr. Ginger Peterson recommend my books on "The Mental Health Happiness Hour" podcast with Paul Gilmartin.  (Please note that this podcast by Paul Gilmartin contains vulgarities.) Segment starts at 36:48.

In kindness,


  1. Just sent my receipt through.. can't wait to start working on these two books :)

    1. Wonderful! Sorry for seeing this just now! ♥

  2. I bought my copy this weekend, really looking forward to the next 31 Days. Thanks Debbie :)

    1. Yaay, Julie! Looking forward to your thoughts! ♥

    2. <---(smiles)...Day one was very helpful, so much so that I intend to bring it with me into day two. The only thing I didn't do was the excersise part. Last night while reflecting I realized that I found excuse after excuse to not leave my home (it's really really clean now though :) that I realize I was doing that, I intend to make myself go for a walk this morning before beginning Day motivation is that I live in a very beautiful area of foothills and I'm sure to find something special along the way that I can bring back and read on about the Day 2 Challange. Thanks Debbie...your book is fantastic. Have a great day (((hugs)))

    3. So glad to hear all of this, Julie!!! ♥

    4. I enjoyed Day 2...the end result was very helpful :) and I used the skill every time I needed to calm myself inside on Day 3...I would say, "you can't imagine" the relief it provides but I know that you do know that relief. Day 4 begins and I've glanced at the title...this day's challenge is one of my biggest. Update tomorrow. Have an awesome day Debbie. PS...Peach Tea with cream and sugar...yum :)))

    5. Hi Julie! I am so excited to learn of your progress. Have you considered starting your very own blog and posting each day with your progress? That would be super awesome! Let me know the link if you decide to do it! ♥

    6. Now there's an idea :). Honestly Debbie, loving this book! I'm not in a DBT group as of yet and the challenges give me a daily focus...and helps me "do" better...thanks for the encouragement...perhaps there IS a blog in my future. Have a wonderful weekend. Smiles

    7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    8. Update for you Debbie...this IS helping me. It's very difficult not being in a dbt group as you know and just by having this challange to work on while I wait (i'm on alicia's waiting list...yay!) helps. I have found myself turning to the challenges combined when i have my toughest times. Someday, I hope to be better enough to blog. Thanks for yours, it's helped me again and again and rminds me that I'm not alone in this battle.



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