Would I "turn off" having Borderline Personality Disorder?

I came across an interesting poll asking, "If you could press a button and get rid of BPD, would you do it?"

I give my response in this video.  I also discuss some upcoming plans to work on bringing DBT skills to children.

Thanks for watching.
More Soon.

Here are some books you may find helpful:


  1. Hi Debbie! Well, when I saw Clare's poll, I voted straight away as a big YES to the idea of erasing BPD from my life. But now that I've seen you video, I think I have to go back and change my vote!

    In recovering from BPD, I am having to work on a lot of issues that a mentally well person wouldn't be likely to make time for - getting to know myself, learning about emotions and their function, how to relate to others. Even though it's taken a lot of suffering to get there, I now have skills and understanding that will one day make me a better friend, partner, parent, etc :)

    Thank you for once again improving my world with your insight and wisdom. Also can I please have a job working for you to teach DBT to kids when I am one day also a DBT master :)

    Love, Jess xoxox

  2. Thanks so much for linking to my new site Debbie. I'm glad you wouldn't switch off your BPD, I wouldn't either as it makes me who I am, I think I'm much stronger, more aware and skilled because of it. I really hope your ideas about teaching DBT skills in school take off, I definitely think everyone would benefit from learning healthier coping skills :-)



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