Creating a Life Worth Living: 25 Ways To Add DBT To Your Life This Month via My Dialectical Life (MDL)

It's not news to many of you that I subscribe to Amanda Smith's MDL: My Dialectical Life -- a daily email with DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) skill reminders and ideas that keep me motivated and on my toes as I continue to build a life worth living -- one of the core goals in DBT. 

With permission from Amanda, I am sharing with you a reproduction of the email I received via MDL today, because I want those of you who are also working to build a life worth living and to learn and practice DBT skills to see the type of quality posts she offers, in case  you've been considering subscribing.

Check it out, including the links she provides to resources.

Being mindfully effective means doing what works.
If you're just learning DBT or are a lifelong learner, you may find some of the ideas for more skillful implementation to be helpful.
You could--
* use bathtub crayons in the morning to write down the skills you'll be using that day
* wear a  Marsha Linehan is my Homegirl t-shirt
* start a cool DBT blog
* create a collage of pictures that remind you of DBT skills
* make a photo book of ways to distract and self-soothe
* put sticky notes with DBT skills on your bathroom mirror 
* find someone to practice DEAR MAN, GIVE, and FAST with 
* make a DBT skill necklace or bracelet using letter beads 
* start keeping a diary card again*
* create your own DBT stickers and put them on your school notebooks 
* challenge a friend to see who can use the most skills in one week 
* make DBT salt dough ornaments to hang in front of a window 
* teach the DBT skills to someone else 
* paint a smiley face on your bedroom wall to remind yourself to half smile 
* record your own mindfulness meditation 
* keep a self-soothe kit in your car or office 
* cross stitch DBT skills onto your pillowcases 
* create a video demonstrating your favorite skill 
* buy or borrow books about DBT and mindfulness 
* write a WRAP and include your DBT skills
* start a Twitter account and follow other people who are interested in DBT 
How will you add a little more DBT into your life today?

If you made a decision to be mindfully effective today, circle or mark this skill on your DBT diary card. This skill is a part of Mindfulness. 
Congratulations on taking a step towards creating a life worth living today!  
About MDL

My Dialectical Life is a daily e-mail created by Amanda Smith.

I hope you can see why I love MDL.  Let me know if, like me,  you end up subscribing to this incredibly affordable self-help tool to support you in your recovery,  and let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading.
More Soon.


  1. oh my! How awesome!! I am signing up for MDL stat.
    I also bought a "marsha linehan is my homegirl" shirt... and one for my therapist... It's cool if she only wears it when none is looking. :D!!



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