DBT Games from Dr. Moonshine Bring the Skills To Life (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)

As a person who is in recovery from BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), DBT skills have been the primary element that have helped me to overcome self-sabotaging behaviors and to truly begin to create a life worth living.

I continue to practice the skills on a daily basis and am always in search of creative ways to integrate them into my life, which is why I was very excited when Alicia, the therapist with whom I co-facilitate a weekly online DBT group, led me to D.B.T in Life by Dr. Moonshine.

Dr. Moonshine created a line of games based on Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills. These games bring the skills to live in new, fun, and creative ways.  There are playing cards, bingo cards, a dice game, a board game, and books.

Dr. Moonshine was kind enough to send me the following products for the purpose of this review:

D.B.T. in Life Board Game
and 2 sets of these:

D.B.T. in Life Playing Cards

Let's take a look at each of these in a bit more detail.

This game is a great way to learn and practice DBT skills with a therapist and client or with a client and loved ones.  It is played in a similar way to a popular real estate game, except you collect DBT Skills instead of properties. The object of the game is to acquire 10 DBT Skill Cards.

You use "Practice Vouchers" instead of money for currency.

The board is filled with skills to acquire.

Also included is a Definitions and Instructions Guide, a Facilitator Manual, and game pieces.



The playing cards are really neat.  You can play lots of "regular" card games with the skills cards, such as D.B.T. versions of Phishing (Go Fish), Solitaire, Charades, and Concentration (requires two decks). 

Each of the skills on the cards are described in detail in the accompanying Definitions and Instructions guide.

I really love these cards. Not only do I think they are fun for playing the card games mentioned above, but I've enjoyed going through them to pick random skills to focus and work on.  I came across this one. It's for a skill called "Turtling" and is listed under the Mindfulness skills in the guide. It is described as:

"Turtling: Take care of myself like a turtle. Retreat inside for safety sometimes, go slow and methodical, protect myself but don't be aggressive, be adaptive in a variety of situations, use my hard outer shell to let other's judgments roll off my back and get myself back in balance persistently." (Dr. Moonshine, DBT in Life Playing Cards Definitions and Instructions)

There were several other skills that I noticed, and I'm excited to become familiar with them.

I'd like to make a video showing the games to supplement this post. 

Please take a moment to let me know: 

  • What would be helpful to see or know about the games? 
  • What do you think of practicing DBT Skills using games?
  • Any questions or comments you may have.

You can comment here or via my Facebook or Twitter

Visit  D.B.T in Life by Dr. Moonshine to learn more about and order the games.

Thanks for reading.
More Soon.


  1. I look forward to trying out the cards, thank you for posting the information. In the past, I used to work in the gaming industry, so I appreciate tools for learning that come from this standpoint. Hzah for creativity!



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