Brandon Marshall on Overcoming BPD

This week is a bit different at Healing From BPD.   Did you all catch NFL player Brandon Marshall's special "A Football Life," on how he overcame Borderline personality disorder?

I had a special opportunity after live-tweeting about the event to guest blog at the Roanne Program's website regarding the show, Brandon's story, and the topic of men and BPD.

So, I invite you, dear member of this healing community, to go and check out that post.  You can view it by clicking here: Remarkable Achievers and Very Likeable People (Men Included!) Can Have BPD.

That article also includes screenshots of many of my live tweets from the event, including a RT from Brandon.

What an inspirational man Brandon Marshall is.  Let me know your thoughts!

Thank you for reading.

More soon.

In kindness,

Free Webinar on Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) for Our Parents

I am so excited to announce this free, educational, 90-minute webinar that I'll be a part of with psychiatrist Dr. Robert Fischer of Optimum Performance Institute (OPI) and the Roanne Program, located in the Los Angeles area and serving young men and women ages 17-28 who have a variety of issues they are seeking to overcome, including emotion regulation disorders.

Check out the video for the details and to get signed up.

Here's the link to get registered for the event:  Webinar on BPD and Bipolar for Parents.

Thank you for reading and watching. See you at the webinar!

More soon.

In kindness,

Open Letter from Those of Us With BPD in German (Deutsch)

Thank you so much to Healing From BPD community member Liva Florentine for taking the time to translate my Open Letter From Those of Us with BPD video into German (Deutsch)!

Here is the video:

To view this video in English, click HERE.
For a written version of it in English, click HERE.

For other languages:

If you translate this letter/video and would like me to add it to this site, please reach out on Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks for reading and watching.

More soon.

In kindness,

Breaking Free of Toxic Relationships (When You Have BPD or BPD Traits)

I took to Facebook to ask the community what topic would be most helpful to cover at this time.  By overwhelming demand, you wanted to talk about breaking free from toxic relationships.

Some might say that's ironic.  We are often the individuals accused of bringing problems into the relationship.  The truth is, that's not always the case.  Sometimes we are doing our best to deal with others who may be contributing to the dysfunction, while other times, both parties are contributing.

If you think you're in a toxic relationship, listen in on this vlogcast.  Do you relate to any of the people in the examples I give?  Have you broken free from a toxic relationship?  If not and you need to, perhaps you are ready to seek the help you need to move forward.

May you be encouraged as you listen, and be sure to share this recording with anyone you think may benefit from it.

Thank you for reading and listening/watching.

More soon.

In kindness,


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