Brandon Marshall on Overcoming BPD

This week is a bit different at Healing From BPD.   Did you all catch NFL player Brandon Marshall's special "A Football Life," on how he overcame Borderline personality disorder?

I had a special opportunity after live-tweeting about the event to guest blog at the Roanne Program's website regarding the show, Brandon's story, and the topic of men and BPD.

So, I invite you, dear member of this healing community, to go and check out that post.  You can view it by clicking here: Remarkable Achievers and Very Likeable People (Men Included!) Can Have BPD.

That article also includes screenshots of many of my live tweets from the event, including a RT from Brandon.

What an inspirational man Brandon Marshall is.  Let me know your thoughts!

Thank you for reading.

More soon.

In kindness,

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