Residential Treatment for BPD: The Roanne Program

I didn't know in my teens that I would develop borderline personality disorder, but I had a number of other mental health issues during my adolescence that led to my need to be in very intensive services. Included in these was residential treatment facilities. When I share with people that some of the best years of my adolescence were while I was in group homes, they are often surprised, but it's the truth.

Because of the experiences that I had while growing up, I thrived in a group home setting. I appreciated having lots of other people around me, including caring staff members – appropriate adults who were not drinking or abusing drugs or abusing, neglecting, or mistreating me in any way. Adults who were clinical professionals and could hold the space that I desperately needed to safely explore so many traumas. It was truly a transformational time in my life. It was also a place where I felt supported enough to explore my sexual orientation and embrace being a bisexual young woman. There was just so much opportunity for growth in the absence of living in constant survival mode. I needed that.

I loved the group therapy sessions, going to alternative high school, and having several other female roommates my age who were also getting the help that they so desperately needed while in a safe, supportive environment.

The two group homes that I lived in were in Massachusetts. One was a larger home at which I was one of eighteen young girls. The second, which I transitioned into during high school, was considered an independent living program, or transitional living, and was coed. I was one of eight residents and ended up being able to go to public high school (part-time) and work a part-time job while in this program.

Unfortunately, I sabotage my departure from the latter program and started my young adulthood on a very rocky foundation. Looking back, it was very obvious that in my late teens and into my early 20s, I was highly symptomatic with borderline personality disorder. At this point I had moved out to California. I had no idea that intensive, residential type treatment programs like the ones I lived in as a teen existed for people in my age group.

Fast-forward all of these years later, and I have become aware of the Roanne Program, offered by Optimum Performance Institute in Southern California. The program is specifically designed for young adult men and women ages 17 to 28 who suffer from borderline personality disorder or BPD traits. The program is private pay, and if I had known about its existence when I was at the age to be eligible for services, I would have worked to move hell and high water to the best of my ability to find a way to get admitted. When you check out their website and see what they are all about, you will understand why and may feel the very same way.

Nowadays, you have resources such as crowdfunding opportunities, where you can enlist loved ones in helping to make such opportunities possible. Nothing like this existed years ago when I needed the help. And, not to sound like an old fogey, but the internet was nothing like what it is today. I couldn't just google what I needed and find it in seconds.

If you believe that you are ready to truly change your life and heal and are willing to commit to an intensive program that has helped countless others and was even selected by Psychology Today as best in treatment for borderline personality disorder, I suggest checking out the Roanne Program at this time. They offer a totally free assessment over the phone and can discuss the aspects of financing. You can also click here to submit a contact form and request more information via email.

If you do reach out to them, please let me know about your experience. I'd like to feature additional articles on various aspects of their programs to create more awareness of what they are offering. I want to know that you feel supported and cared about when you reach out and about your overall experience.

Also, have you ever attended residential treatment? Is this something you would consider?

I look forward to your thoughts.

Thank you for reading.

More soon

In kindness,


  1. Hi, I just found your blog and it looks really interesting. Thanks for posting the article on BPD myths. As someone diagnosed with BPD it really upsets me to hear people just mindlessly parroting those myths as if they were facts and making unwarranted assumptions about individuals they don't even know based on a BPD diagnosis. The Roanne Program also sounds great but I guess I am too old for it. I am 62. I was diagnosed with BPD back in the mid 80s when I was about 32 years old. Before the diagnosis I was treated by a very kind and caring therapist and healed in leaps and bounds, thriving under her care. But after she left I was not treated well at all and eventually regressed back a ways until I was diagnosed BPD by professionals who essentially hated me. It does in fact remit with time and I am a lot better now, but I still have some problems with intense emotion regulation. I am looking forward to reading about your journey here!

  2. Hi, I have been exploring your blog for I just found it. I have borderline personality disorder and I just literally got back from a treatment place called timberline knolls which I looked at. Similar to the one you're talking about above. It did me wonders and saved me from taking many bad choices I could have made into good ones now. I love it so much. I also love reading your stories and blog entries. Keep going!



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