Top Picks for ‪‎BPD‬ (and other) Books [Facebook Live Stream]

Top picks for ‪‎BPD‬ (and other) books! Replay from live stream on Facebook... (  As promised, here's the list of books with links. Please continue to comment with books that have helped you or have helped your loved ones better understand and cope!

The Buddha and the Borderline

Mindfulness for Borderline Personality Disorder

Coping with BPD

The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook

Oooh, they have one that addresses ‪#‎PTSD‬, too. I haven't yet read this one:

Hope and Help for Your Nerves

In kindness,

(These are Amazon Affiliate links. Being an affiiliate did not influence my views, perspectives, or reviews of these books.)

Recent Facebook Live: Importance of Self-Care and Emotional Sensitivity (BPD)

I recently discovered Facebook Live, which allows my Facebook Followers on my Debbie of DBT Path Facebook page to connect with me in real-time, with me on the cam, talking and responding to comments and questions that you enter in below my video.  Here's the first live event, which took place on April 1st. Thoughts? I definitely look forward to doing more of these be sure to follow me on the DBT Path FB page!

BPD, Insecurity, and Reassurance

BPD, Insecurity, and Reassurance. What's it all about? Join me for this super quick (less than 5 minutes) lesson on this topic. Looking forward to your thoughts - drop a comment below the video after watching so we can connect!

BPD & Addicted to Drama

Are people with borderline personality disorder "addicted" to drama? My answer might surprise you. Take biology, past history, and other issues into account, and we can understand this issue a bit better and learn how to compassionately approach and work on issues around drama addiction.

Some of the topics covered in the video:
  • A personal share of my own experience growing up in an "invalidating environment."
  • Why do we "attract" chaos, drama , and crises into our lives if we've had trauma in childhood?
  • How it can seem "crazy" or difficult to understand for loved ones of those of us with borderline personality disorder, BPD traits, or emotional sensitivity.
  • How do we overcome this over time? (Building trust, confidence, and self-respect in ourselves,  believing we deserve to have stability...)
  • How it can help to have a willingness to admit having an issue of getting caught up in patterns of chaos and distress when triggered or emotionally dysregyulated.
  • Need to "reprogram" those "old tapes" -- those messages we've come to believe out of a survival response.
  • Why I used to go to the emergency room all of the time when I was extremely dysregulated emotionally (and what I discovered as I started to get better).
  • How I initially shut down and felt invalidated when loved ones told me, "You're creating this -- you're doing this to yourself."
  • Compassionately approaching ourselves with curiosity when we're unskillful and have the urge or actually do act on self-sabotaging behavior.

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