BPD & Emotional Distress: Our choices impact our nervous systems...

Do you struggle with self-care when you're under stress?  Some people shut down and let their self-care go by the wayside (hygiene, cooking, going out).  Others can't seem to stop trying to solve a problem, even if they know it is unsolvable in that moment due to circumstances beyond their control.

So many of us do these things, but the good news is, we can shift how we respond when we're feeling emotional distress and take better care of ourselves.  If we have BPD traits, borderline personality disorder, or emotional sensitivity, it is especially important that we take extra good care when we're feeling dysregulated.  The choices we make when we're feeling this way impact our nervous systems and really matter!

Through radical acceptance and self-care, we can get ourselves through a difficult time without making matters worse.

Check out this video on the topic, and let me know your thoughts!

In kindness,

👉👉 TIRED OF SELF-SABOTAGING?! Check this out...👈👈

For those who are 👉👉 TIRED OF SELF-SABOTAGING!! 👈👈

As emotionally sensitive people who may have BPD traits or borderline personality disorder, there are so many reasons why we might be prone to self-sabotaging behavior.  In this video, I talk about one of the reasons that many of us do it that people don't talk about as much (but probably should!)

If we're operating from this one powerful belief, it can affect the choices we make about how we treat ourselves and others and whether we move forward or stay stuck, continuously repeating those patterns that no longer serve us, while at the same time deeply wanting to break free from them.

I give a very personal example of how this belief impacted my life years ago to encourage you that, no matter where you are, you can build a life worth living -- the life you want to live -- one step and one day at a time.

Give the video a watch, and then pop a comment down below with your thoughts! 

In kindness,

For more information and to sign up for my online DBT informed course where I'll teach you everything I learned and answer your questions in real-time, visit: www.emotionallysensitive.com


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