Surviving an Emotional Storm Sandy | Borderline Personality Disorder & Intense Emotions

While our friends and family on the east coast brace for the effects of Hurricane Sandy, many of us all over the world are coping with emotional / mental health storms within.For many months, I’ve been writing about an upcoming work-related meeting. It’s finally happening this Wednesday.  Thinking about all of the hours between now […]

From Doormat to Bitch In 5 Seconds Flat | Assertiveness: The Happy Medium

 We are each responsible for our own well-being and boundaries. This is something I wish I had learned at a much younger age so that perhaps I’d be closer to mastering the associated skills to achieve balance around this, but I have made progress in accepting this concept as truth.    I’ve spent a lot of […]

Appropriately Experiencing & Letting Go of Anger (Free Podcast) | Borderline Personality Disorder

Anger. It’s one of those emotions that is usually judged as “bad” or “unacceptable.” According to the therapist in my IOP group yesterday, it’s actually a sign of mental health to experience a full range of emotions, including anger. Why does anger scare us so much?In my personal experience, I did not have anyone model appropriate […]

Trusting Your Intuition: Invasion of Boundaries

There are some moments that just make you stop and ask, “Really? Did that really just happen?”  I’ve had many moments in my life like that, especially as a child and young adult.  Most were right after someone had chosen to abuse or violate me in some way, and I very rarely had the courage to […]

Do You Have “Mother Hen” Syndrome? | Boundaries & Borderline Personality Disorder

Do you have “Mother Hen Syndrome*”?  I sure do.  As someone with Borderline Personality Disorder, a combination of issues around my sense of identity and my sometimes blurry experience of boundaries in relationships cause me to take on more than my responsibility when it comes to others.Let’s see if you can relate.Mother Hen Syndrome Quiz:1. […]

5 Ways to Not Act Like a Mental Patient

I love this quote by Dr. Linehan. When I’ve posted it on Facebook and Twitter in the past, it’s gotten lots of “likes,” “favorites,” and comments.  It came to mind this morning, and it made me think: What does it mean to “act” like a mental patient, and how can we change such behaviors if […]

Beware of Energy Vampires: Boundaries and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

I’ve been blogging about my experience with Borderline Personality Disorder and DBT for about two years now.  I intend to continue doing so, as the process is quite therapeutic for me, and my readers from around the world are so kind to let me know that they feel helped and encouraged by witnessing my journey.One […]

Anxiety and Appetite: How I Fell Back In Love With Food

I don’t know about you, but when I get very anxious, one of the first things to go is my appetite.  This brings additional distress because we tend to not feel very well when we’re not eating enough.  Not feeling well physically leads to more emotional vulnerability. Throw into the mix a long history of […]

Autogenics for Ultimate Self-Soothing and Relaxation

I was very curious yesterday during our Education Group in IOP when the doctor said we’d be practicing “autogenics.”  I hadn’t heard of it before and was pleased to be in a position of beginner’s mind on the topic.She pulled out this book and CD, which, after experiencing it, I highly recommend and will be […]

IOP Day 1: Intensive Outpatient / Partial Hospitalization

Today was day one of IOP (Intensive Outpatient/ Partial Psychiatric Hospitalization.)  Programs like this are offered in many communities. Those of you who have been following my blog are aware that I have recently become overwhelmed with my emotions due to multiple, intense triggers, and collectively, they became too much for me to handle on […]