Emotion Regulation Worksheet 1a: Intense Anxiety Episode

One of the reasons that I am able to write so openly and vividly about the experience of the intense emotion of anxiety is because I, too, experience it. Perhaps not as often as in years past, but that doesn’t seem to matter in the heat of the moment when it strikes. It feels just […]

The Biology of An Emotion | Slowing Down Anxiety, Panic,and Distress

This week, a number of my #BPDfriends on Twitter were suffering from what appeared to me to be intense episodes of emotional dysregulation — something that I, as a person with Borderline Personality Disorder, am all too familiar with (thought they are far and few between compared with years past).In each instance that I was honored […]

NEW DBT Book: Stop Sabotaging: A 31 Day Challenge to Change Your Life by Debbie Corso

Now Available! Click HERE to purchase! Stop Sabotaging: A 31 Day DBT Challenge to Change Your Lifeby Debbie Corso, author of Healing From Borderline Personality Disorder: My Journey Out of Hell Through Dialectical Behavior Therapy Here’s what the book covers: what sabotaging is why, as emotionally dysregulated individuals, we tend to do it, and  strategies […]

Shopped At The Serotonin Store Today: Serotonin & BPD

Many of us who have Borderline Personality Disorder experience an array of emotions on any given day. Our experience of these emotions tends to be much more intense than that of someone who is not diagnosed with BPD. Included in the mood swings we experience are often deep levels of sadness and depression.  Because I suffered […]

Paying Forward The Compassion You’ve Received – Empathy and BPD

If I can save one person, perhaps you, from unnecessary suffering because you are able to gleam some insight into similarities in your own life and behavior, this post will be worth it. I am going to trust that someone, somewhere will stumble across this post, see themselves in my story, and find hope. I’ve […]

What does “TW” Mean, and Why Should You Use It?

You may have come across tweets on Twitter or posts on Facebook that start out with the letters “TW.” What does this stand for, and why should you consider using it? What does “TW” mean? TW means “trigger warning.” It is a courtesy extended to others who may view your content on social media when […]

The Four Agreements: Toltec Wisdom for the Emotionally Wounded

Years ago, in a mystical new age bookstore, I stumbled upon a book and accompanying deck of cards called “The Four Agreements.” I remember my intrigue when I read the back cover and learned that there was a system of beliefs, delivered down from the Toltec culture, that boiled down to four, simple principles. I […]

Reinventing Ourselves: Identity Issues & Borderline Personality Disorder

When I was a little girl I witnessed one of my idols, Madonna, from album to album, undergo metamorphosis. She would change her entire look and vibe, and the press would say she had yet again “reinvented” herself. This thought always appealed to me, and as someone with Borderline Personality Disorder who has dealt with […]

It’s All In Your Head: Mirror Neurons and Borderline Personality Disorder

I am always fascinated when my DBT group therapist goes into the science of psychology, human development, and the wonders of the mind. Yesterday, when I mentioned that I have have an over-empathetic mind, often taking on the emotions of others who express burdens, she explained that this is not pathological. While having Borderline Personality Disorder, […]

Acknowledging Your Mental Health Truth And Progress

I recently posted about feeling in so much emotional distress that my psychiatrist and therapist agreed that a return to IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) was in order. This discussion happened last Friday, and I agreed to be skillful over the weekend and go in for an intake evaluation on Monday.  My therapist reminded me that […]