This is the FULL video version of the Open Letter From Those of Us With Borderline Personality Disorder.
You can click here to read the full letter at the original post that went viral.
Please feel free to share this with loved ones to help them understand what you so bravely face every day.

Reader David B. was so kind as to translate the video into French:

Thanks for watching.
More Soon.

The author of this letter has since RECOVERED from Borderline Personality Disorder and no longer meets the criteria for a BPD diagnosis. She now teaches the DBT skills that helped change her life over at DBT Path where you can take online Dialectical Behavior Therapy Classes from anywhere in the world. Co-facilitated with a licensed therapist. You can read Debbie’s books here.

UPDATE: A video version of this letter, complete with narration and text, is now available for viewing and sharing by clicking HERE.

English Version

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  1. Soul-traveller
    Soul-traveller says:

    wow…had a few tears there. I have suffered since I was 14 and from the age of 16 was misdiagnosed so many times and forced to take all this medication for things like bi-polar/eating disorders/manic. It made my life even more of a living hell. Last year, after yet another destructive relationship, I tried to kill myself and ended up in a clinic. I was properly diagnosed and received DBT. I had never even heard of BPD or DBT before that. Now I feel like a new person. I am off all medication and am finally making a life for myself; a stable life. Simply being aware of the way my mind works has helped more than anyone could imagine! I just watched this video with my boyfriend and we both agree it is beautifully done. I feel it explains things so clearly. Thank you so much x


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