Opposite To Emotion Action and “Justified” Emotions (DBT)

In DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) class, we are back on the skill of Opposite (to emotion) Action in the Emotion Regulation module. We use this skill when we want to reduce our experience of a certain emotion because it is not serving us in a positive way or it is not “justified.” The word “justified” […]

I am not my emotions / Yo no soy mis emociones

I am not my emotions or my thoughts, and neither are you.  If you speak or have ever studied Spanish (as I am now), you may have noticed the interesting way in which feelings and states of being are expressed this language. I actually prefer the way it is expressed versus English, because in English, […]

How My Hypnosis Session Went

You may have watched my recent vlog on this blog post about why I go to hypnotherapy, what a typical session is like, and how it helps me in my recovery, especially around issues with appetite and eating. I went for my appointment yesterday, and this post is a little update on how that went. […]

Update and How Hypnosis Helps Me (Anxiety, EDNOS, BPD)

In this vlog, I discuss an update on how I’ve been doing with a recent episode of emotional dysregulation, but the focus is on how hypnotherapy / hypnosis helps me with issues around EDNOS (Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified). There are trigger warnings before I speaking about the EDNOS issues, and the rest is all […]

My Dialectical Diet Dilemma (and how I coped using DBT)

In this video/vlog, I discuss how I became quite emotionally dysregulated last night along with DBT skills I used to cope. There are trigger warnings that give you enough time to fast forward through parts you may not want to hear. Here are the links mentioned in the video:What is a Dialectic? What Does Dialectical […]

Would I “turn off” having Borderline Personality Disorder?

I came across an interesting poll asking, “If you could press a button and get rid of BPD, would you do it?” I give my response in this video.  I also discuss some upcoming plans to work on bringing DBT skills to children. Thanks for watching.More Soon. Here are some books you may find helpful: