5 Ways to Have a Great Day – Even if Your BPD Symptoms Are Acting Up!

Please welcome blogger Tracy  from The Messy Art of Living with her very first guest post here at Healing From BPD:

First I present to you a scenario that has easily ruined more days then I care to say:
I wake up with the best intentions, bright-eyed and eager to get the morning started. Suddenly an issue smacks me in the face. There I am, feeling triggered and wondering, “now what?”
Here are the top five things I like to do to have a great day, even if my BPD symptoms are acting up:
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1) Freshen Up: 
Pull out an outfit you love, put on some good mood music, take a nice hot shower or bath, put on my favorite perfume and get that day going.

2) Get Out: 
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Have errands to run? Maybe a touch of room in the budget? Add in a trip to that coffee or tea shop, nail salon, or take in a movie. How about 30 minutes or so at the local book store (if you like that sort of thing and won’t be tempted to blow a budget)?
Is your budget a bit tight? Perhaps you could try an impromptu walk through the park with a snack and a drink. Take the dog or kids outside, take a bike ride. Crappy weather and no outside time? Grab a warm blanket run it through the dryer, grab a cup of warm tea or coffee, and read a book, watch some shows, enjoy a movie, cuddle with a loved one.

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3) Get Involved, Be Creative:  
Find some time to do things you love, write, paint, draw you don’t even have to be good at it, just do it for fun! Cook for yourself or others. Sometimes I just love to bake or make a lovely meal and watch others enjoy it. Make a card for yourself or a friend. Paint your nails, paint your kids or friends nails (with permission of course). J Maybe garden, or clean up some indoor plants, give the pet a wash. Take an art class with a friend.

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Improve the Moment &
4) Create A Happy Space: 
Pick up clutter. I cannot feel comfortable or think, let alone be happy surrounded by stuff. It can be around your small space, a room, or you can tidy your house. I find that I feel accomplished and happier after tidying up. This often goes smoother with some positive upbeat music. Spread out a favorite home fragrance, light some candles, refill those reed diffusers or home scents.

Practice “PLEASE” Skills 
5) Get Healthy: 
This one makes so much of a difference for me. I love my omega 3’s, multi-vitamins, and lots of clear liquids. Try your local gym, a fitness class, yoga — anything to get out there and get going. I can wake up down and out, hit the gym, and feel so energized and ready for my day.
I hope you enjoyed some of my personal favorites and that they can help you, too. No matter what the situation, take a moment big or small, let yourself know you do matter, that it’s ok to feel good, to be happy, and treat yourself special for no reason at all. 
It is possible to have a good day no matter the situation! 
Can you relate to the strategies and skills that Tracy uses to feel better when her BPD symptoms are acting up?  How do you cope and try to have a better day when feeling symptomatic?

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Absolutely *love* this post! I feel better just reading it. 🙂 PLEASE skills and contributing especially help me feel better. Some of my favorites!

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Absolutely *love* this post! I feel better just reading it. 🙂 PLEASE skills and contributing especially help me feel better. Some of my favorites!


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