Is Full Recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder Possible?: Guest Post by Clare of Tackling BPD

Is Recovery From Borderline Personality Disorder Truly Possible? First of all,  I’m going to say something that some may consider a little controversial. Full recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder is possible. I have heard a lot of people say that you only ever learn how to manage it and live with it (and some not […]

Another Perspective on BPD & Recovery (Guest Post By Caroline of Down The Center)

I need to start with an admission.  When Debbie suggested that I write this post about how I have “integrated the skills [of DBT] into your work life,” my initial excitement about getting to write for her blog dissipated into feelings of terror.  Despite having moved past my initial diagnosis of BPD and gone on to […]

The Shower as a Sanctuary: DBT Self-Soothing Skill

One of my favorite Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills is Self-Soothing.  I went from a time in my life when I believed I was totally undeserving of feeling “good” to becoming immersed in this skill, to finding a balance. It is still my top go-to skill when I am feeling emotionally dysregulated and distressed and […]

Top 3 Reasons to Be Hopeful About Recovering From BPD

{via} 1.) People are getting better.   There is evidence around you that people recover.  I recently posted this video about how I no longer meet the criteria for a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. I thought I would suffer the rest of my life from the symptoms of BPD, and I am so relieved […]

Discussion on BPD & Identity Issues (and more, Video from live Ustream session)

In this video, which is from a Live Ustream session, I discussed Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) with respect to my experience with identity issues and more.  Ustream is where I sometimes meet up with readers live, online.  You’re able to see my video and hear my audio, but I can’t see or hear you.  I […]

DBT Prayers: A Skill for the Spiritual Seeker (Distress Tolerance)

In this video, I discuss the DBT Distress Tolerance skill of Prayer, which falls under the IMPROVE the Moment component. Thank you for watching and reading.More Soon. If you enjoyed this video, you may like this post:DBT Distress Tolerance Skill: Prayer

The Grace of Abandonment Issues (Borderline Personality Disorder)

Many people with Borderline Personality Disorder have an intense fear of abandonment. Many times, this is because we experienced it early on in life. Many of us have even developed a keen ability to detect what we perceive to be behaviors that might precede someone abandoning us. While I still experience these extra sensitivities from […]

Do It Yourself DBT – Guest Post by Sue Sibbald

Sue’s DiagnosisI was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder three years ago when I became ill in April. It was very shocking for me,  as I was 46 years old and had managed my life up until that point. I had been very successful managing and part-owning a night club and live music venue and offering […]

Coping With Severe Panic and Anxiety using “Just This” (DBT)

Whether you have Borderline Personality Disorder or are emotionally sensitive, from time to time, most of us have experienced the dreaded panic or anxiety attack.  In the midst of it, it feels as if it is going to last forever — like there is no relief or end in sight. The more we feed the […]

Considering Online Therapy? Consider Amparo Penny!

Have you considered online therapy? Do you have questions about how it works? Do you want to be sure you’re connecting with a licensed, clinical psychologist?  Read on as I interview Amparo Penny, on online therapist who is available to help you online. Hello Amparo.  Please tell us about why you went into therapy and […]