Announcements and Updates for my Readers (by Debbie Corso)

Hello dear readers of Healing From BPD.

I have a number of exciting announcements and updates and thought it would be nice to deliver them to you in a video.
Enjoy, and I look forward to your thoughts, feedback, and questions!

Topics of discussion include:

  1. Border _” – a compassionate documentary on Borderline Personality Disorder. I am a subject in this film, and it is available to watch in it’s entirety here at Healing From BPD by clicking HERE.
  2. Psychology Today Article: Kings and Queens of Chaos, by Elizabeth Svoboda. I am one of the interviewees. 
  3. My books on BPD and DBT – a thanks to you!
  4. Partnership with OPI – Optimum Performance Institute and the Roanne Program – how this collaboration will allow me to bring you more.
  5. Board of Advisors at – Personality Disorder Awareness Network
  6. Online Dialectical Behavior Therapy classes at DBT Path
  7. Trauma Recovery Group for 8-weeks
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