Coping with EXTREME Anxiety and Panic

Anxiety and Panic attacks can be SO SCARY!!!  If you agree, read on… Hey everyone. I am experiencing some intense/extreme anxiety since yesterday, and because I’ve become well versed in how to effectively cope even in the midst of feeling completely “crazy” and terrified during anxious episodes, I thought I’d share with you, as I […]

The Accidental Flirt: Setting Boundaries When You Have BPD (or BPD traits)

What is a boundary?  In interpersonal relationships, you might imagine yourself being in a protective bubble. This bubble grows or shrinks in size depending on who you are around.  The smaller the bubble, the closer and more intimate the other person can get to you, and of courses the opposite is true the larger the […]

Are you selfish for being skillful?

There is a set of skills widely known to help those of us with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), those of us who have BPD traits, and those of us who identify as being emotionally sensitive.  In particular today, I’ll be highlighting  “crisis survival” aka “Distress Tolerance” skills. These skills can be used to help us better cope […]

Another Contributing Idea: Distress Tolerance Application

In life, it’s often the little things that matter and that end up making the most difference.  I am a big drinker of Zevia soda (this isn’t a promo for them, but in brief, I turned to it from Diet Coke years ago because I no longer wanted to consume aspartame and caffeine, and theirs […]

Tips for Managing Intense Emotions

In this video, I chip at the tip of the iceberg of skills we can use to manage very intense emotions.  I also share a bit of my own personal story around how devastatingly intense my emotions used to be and what began to help me take back my life. (Hint: It has to do […]