When The Holidays are Triggering (Free Webinar)

Most of us who have Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) or who are in recovery also struggle with one or more other areas, such as anxiety, depression, and possibly eating disorder behaviors.  While the holidays are intended to be a joyous time of connectedness and togetherness, when you are dealing with distressing mental health issues, it can be difficult to get into the holiday spirit.

The holidays can test our limits when it comes to anxiety: Will I be expected to travel? To be home while we host tons of people?  To go to parties that trigger panic attacks?  Malls crowded with people?  With depression: But I don’t feel up to dressing up and acting like I’m enjoying myself when I’m not. And eating disorder behaviors: How am I going to cope with all of that food around?  How come she can eat so much and not gain weight, and I have to sit here and freak out over this?

The holidays can really shake up our world, and when you’re emotionally sensitive, even though you may be accused of liking and creating drama, underneath it all, you probably just want to feel stable. You don’t want your world rocked by having your schedule and routine turned upside down in the name of gift giving and buffets.

But here’s the thing: the holidays are coming, whether we want them to or not… whether we feel up to them or not… whether we have anxiety attacks, are feeling down, or are having issues around food.  So, how do we best take care of ourselves by being skillful and effective during these challenging times?  How do we, against all odds, find some way to actually experience and share a little bit of joy with our loved ones during these holidays?

These are all all great questions that will be addressed in an upcoming free webinar that I have the pleasure of moderating.  This online event (you’re invited!) with limited virtual seat (so make sure you REGISTER NOW) on Coping Effectively with Anxiety, Depression, and Eating Disorder Behaviors Over the Holidays: When the Holidays are Triggering.

The co-facilitators will be Dr. Robert “Bob” Fischer, Psychiatrist and Executive Director at Optimum Performance Institute (OPI), and April E. House, MA, MFT, Therapist and Eating Disorder Specialist at OPI.

I am so pleased to be a part of this event.  I encourage you to sign up and attend.  I also encourage you to give the link to your family members and loved ones if they are supportive and want to know how to help you cope over these upcoming holidays.

There will be a Q&A section at the end, during which you’ll be able to ask questions (over a microphone on your device or by typing into a chat box) of Dr. Fischer and April.

I look forward to connecting with you at this event.

Because these types of webinars tend to fill up quickly, be sure to click HERE to register now and reserve your spot.

See you there!

Thanks for reading.

More Soon.

In kindness,

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