How to Fill Out a DBT Pros and Cons Worksheet

Do you have trouble managing your intense emotions and sometimes make impulsive decisions about important things? Do you later find yourself dealing with the regret and a catastrophe that needs damage control? Have you burned one too many bridges?

The DBT Pros and Cons Worksheet may prove to be a helpful tool for you. It certainly has been to me.

In the past you may have sat down and considered the pros and cons of the situation before proceeding. Typically, people split a sheet of paper down the middle and consider the pros and cons of moving forward with a certain action. With the DBT version of this process, we take it a step further.

In this video, I give a fictitious example of Penelope, a young woman who is considering quitting her new job as a barista, because she is dealing with anxiety and interpersonal issues. Step-by-step, I show you how Penelope might fill out one of these worksheets and gain helpful insights.

Give it a watch, and let me know what you think. Have you ever filled out one of these worksheets? Might you give it a try?

Thanks for reading and watching.

More soon.

In kindness,

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