Intense Emotions: When Present Events Trigger Past Trauma

If you’ve ever experienced a trigger in the present that included noticeable body sensations, this post is for you.  There’s a lot going on in our nervous systems when we experience a trigger connected to past trauma.

Apologies for the mic static on this particular video. The content is excellent, so the video was posted despite the sound issue.


What the video above covers:
  • Anxiety
  • Being triggered by intense emotions
    • reactionary moments to intense emotions
  • Energetic emotional charge connected to and related to things that have happened in the past — most of the time in our childhood; often trauma-related.
  • Several components of trauma when we hurt ourselves physically (i.e. fall off of a bike)
    • physiologically
    • emotionally
    • memories of past trauma and somatics: the issues are in the tissues (trauma store in the body)
  • There is “cause” for why we get triggered today and why we have an intense reaction
    • It never happens without cause
  • TRE: Trauma release exercises: discharging trauma stored in the body through shaking it out with a trained practitioner.
  • Calming the nervous system to feel more ease physically and emotionally
    • Just describe body sensations rather than giving them a story
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