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BPD: Outside In

BPD – Outside/In By Guest Blogger Sean Hayes   Outside Colleen was just finishing up a beast of a prep list when Sean arrived to start his dinner shift. Molasses oat bread cooling. Cowgirl Meatloaf resting in the pans. More than a dozen other recipes already crossed off the list. “Hello dear Momma C!” he […]

Impulsivity and Borderline Personality Disorder

  “Oh no, what have I done?!” How many times have you had this thought? It seems like you’re trapped in a never-ending cycle of doing things you regret, then wondering why you did them. I’m talking about impulsive behaviors such as substance abuse, quitting a job, lashing out, and self-harm. There are many types […]

Fear of Abandonment

When it comes to the fear of abandonment, I’m no stranger. I see pretty much EVERYTHING (a facial expression, a sigh, body language) as a sign that someone is going to leave me. I’m worried that if I make a mistake, mess up, aren’t “good enough” or disappoint my “favorite person” in any way, that […]

Twentysomething (& Beyond) and Borderline Personality Disorder

This week’s post includes my recent vlog on being twenty-something (& beyond) and dealing with the diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. I am now in my thirties and wish I had been more receptive to accepting my diagnosis and receiving help and treatment earlier.  While I can’t go back and change the past, I am now (in my thirties) in […]