Guided Meditation to Help With Relaxation

Got Stress?  This week I have a treat for you. It’s a 30-minute guided mediation that I recorded to encourage you to take some time today to relax, restore, and rejuvenate.  Getting proper rest and relaxation is a major contributor to our well-being. It’s often things like guided meditations and exercise that we resist and […]

Watch It Now: The Webinar on Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar (by Optimum Performance Institute)

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to co-facilitate a webinar on bipolar and borderline personalty disorder with the esteemed psychiatrist Robert “Dr. Bob” Fischer of Optimum Performance Institute (OPI).  That webinar (approximately 90-minutes long) is now up and available for you and your loved ones to watch! I really had fun with this event, which […]

Is it Borderline Personality Disorder or Bipolar?

Some of you know that I was originally misdiagnosed with bipolar rapid cycling, put on meds that didn’t help, and left wondering if I could ever get my life on track.  When I finally received an accurate diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), I received access to treatment that would finally help me — namely, […]

How to Not Be Controlled By Your Mood (Using Mindfulness)

In most treatments for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and other issues involving emotion dysregulation, you are very likely to encounter the subject of mindfulness and how implementing it into your life can help reduce your suffering and overall symptoms.  The word “mindfulness” is often thrown around, though, so most people see it as an elusive […]

The Accidental Flirt: Setting Boundaries When You Have BPD (or BPD traits)

What is a boundary?  In interpersonal relationships, you might imagine yourself being in a protective bubble. This bubble grows or shrinks in size depending on who you are around.  The smaller the bubble, the closer and more intimate the other person can get to you, and of courses the opposite is true the larger the […]

Are you selfish for being skillful?

There is a set of skills widely known to help those of us with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), those of us who have BPD traits, and those of us who identify as being emotionally sensitive.  In particular today, I’ll be highlighting  “crisis survival” aka “Distress Tolerance” skills. These skills can be used to help us better cope […]

Tips for Managing Intense Emotions

In this video, I chip at the tip of the iceberg of skills we can use to manage very intense emotions.  I also share a bit of my own personal story around how devastatingly intense my emotions used to be and what began to help me take back my life. (Hint: It has to do […]

Put a Pause on Panic: Coping with Anxiety & Panic Attacks

You know that feeling…. that fear of dread… it shows up in your body and your mind.  Sometimes you can readily identify the trigger or the precise cause of why you are feeling anxious or panicky. Other times, it’s not so easy.  Dr. Linehan, the creator of the powerful skillset known as Dialectical Behavior Therapy […]

Clearing Our Space for Mental Clarity

What started out as a DBT distraction skill practice to tolerate distress has turned into so much more.  For years I’ve been managing what used to be a hoarding problem. Years ago I threw away so many bags of trash that it was unbelievable. At that point, my life changed.  I no longer filled my home […]

From Love: The Power of Peer Support in Healing from BPD (Guest Post by Mary) Part Two

I am so proud to again present to you the work of Mary, a friend who is a Certified Peer Support Specialist in recovery from BPD.  This is part 2 of her guest post series.  If you missed part one, read it here, then enjoy the article below.Love as the Doorway to Recovery “I am honored to walk beside […]