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Dutch Transalation of Open Letter from Those of Us Who Have Borderline Personality Disorder

For the people of Belgium… the Dutch version of the Open Letter. Thank you to HFBPD reader, Christine!   Een open brief van mensen met BPS   Lieve vrienden, familie, geliefden, ex-geliefden, kinderen en anderen,   Ik kan me indenken dat je je gefrustreerd en hopeloos voelt en het wilt opgeven. Het is niet jouw schuld. […]

Music: My Own Special TARDIS | BPD, and “Time Traveling” (Guest post by Alma)

I have always loved music: playing it, singing it, and listening to it.  Emotionally, of all my pastimes, I have found music the most evocative in terms of conjuring memory.  When I was growing up I was selectively mute for many years.  Music became the way that I expressed myself.  It helped me to survive. […]

Emotionally Sensitive in an “Always On” World

Emotionally sensitive people can find it especially difficult to cope with society’s “always on,” always doing something, always multitasking expectations. Even droves of averagely sensitive people have found themselves burned out and turning to self medicating or prescription drugs to literally take the edge off of life and numb the overwhelm.  This can’t be the […]

7 Signs That You Might Be An Emotionally Sensitive Person

 You might be an emotionally sensitive person if… You cry at Cheerios commercials You sometimes literally seem to feel what others feel You have an especially hard time coping with criticism. You’ve been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder or Bipolar Disorder. You have a hard time sorting out and identifying what you’re actually feeling. You […]

Obsessive Love and BPD – When It’s Difficult To Let Go And Move On

What causes someone who has Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD traits to fall into (or back into) what some describe as “obsessive love,” especially when it comes to having difficulty letting go of a past lover? I asked myself this very same question.  Although I am in recovery from BPD, meaning I no longer meet […]

Motherhood and BPD:How I Saved Myself & My Family (Guest Post by Wil)

Please welcome Wil of Write Into The Light with her first guest post at Healing From BPD. What it used to Be Like I bee lined down the hall into the bathroom, and shut and locked the door behind me before falling to my knees.  Covering my face with my hands, I sobbed.  Outside, my […]

BPD Open Letter in Spanish / en español (Carta Abierta De Parte de Aquellos que Tenemos Trastorno Límite de la Personalidad)

Spanish Translation of the Open Letter from Those of Us With Borderline Personality Disorder to Those Who Do Not Have It.  Thank you so much to Romina of esperanzatlp for doing this translation!  Romina started Esperanza TLP in Mexico to help Spanish speakers who suffer from BPD and their loved ones.  She is one of […]

Differences between Dissociation and Detachment

In this video, I speak about what I learned last night in PTSD trauma recovery group on the distinctions between dissociation and detachment. Some thoughts on Dissociation vs. Emotional Detachment: 1. Dissociation is really an involuntary process of the mind to protect us, whereas, on some level, emotional detachment can be intentional.  Dissociation is being […]

Coping Effectively With Anxiety – Week 6 of Trauma Recovery Group

To read Week 1, click Here.To read Week 2, click Here.To read Week 3, click Here.To read Week 4, click Here.To read Week 5, click Here. If you suffer from anxiety, I suspect you’ll connect with this post.  Although I have come so far in my recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder and am now working […]

Avoid Testing Your Emotional Triggers: Seeking Safety, Week 5 of Trauma Recovery Group

To read Week 1, click Here.To read Week 2, click Here.To read Week 3, click Here.To read Week 4, click Here. Are there certain subject matters, situations, or environments that trigger you emotionally? (Here is some information about triggers, including what they are and what “TW” or “trigger warning” means on social media posts). This […]