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3 Ways To Handle Feelings Of Abandonment When A Loved One Travels

Enjoy this post via the Roanne Program for young adults with BPD or BPD traits.. With the holidays fast on their way, you may need to start preparing yourself for your loved one’s yearly travels. Throughout life, there may be many necessary short and long-term travel periods that cause you to be separated. You must […]

BPD: When You Can’t Bear Being Alone

He walks away… off to leave on business…or to visit his family… something that will take him away for a few days.  I’m distraught.  I’m not sure how I will manage. Alone.As the days go by, I dread his inevitable departure.  There’s nothing I can say or do to convince him to stay. He’s going, […]

Challenging BPD-Related Distorted Thinking to Reduce Your Suffering

In  my early twenties, there were some very specific behaviors that I engaged in related to the BPD symptoms of paranoid ideation and an intense fear of being abandoned.  In this video, my goal is to reach out to those of you with whom these behaviors may ring a bell. If today is when you […]

Coping With Abandonment Issues (and I think P!nk “gets” us)

Yesterday, I had to drop my boyfriend off at the airport. (I wrote about how my fear of abandonment has been triggered, here, the other day.)He’s only going away for a little over a week, but trying to calm my inner child (and nervous system) with that bit of information is challenging.Here’s a pic I took of […]

Fear of Abandonment: When You Go Away, I Regress To a Child

 I tried to explain to a loved one yesterday that I am heal-ING from Borderline Personality Disorder. I still meet the criteria for the disorder, and I am still symptomatic. The good news is that most of the time, I am able to apply the DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) skills that I’ve been learning for […]

You’ve Gone Away, So Where Am I? | Identity Disturbance in Borderline Personality Disorder

One of the most terrifying aspects of having Borderline Personality Disorder – at least for me – is identity disturbance.  I am experiencing an anxious episode right now in a very strange way. Because I have been underdoing Dialectical Behavior Therapy, I have a reassuring sense of awareness about the reality of what I am […]

Jealous, Insecure Inner Child at Work | Listening To Her Concerns

It started out with physical sensations.  My neck and shoulders hurt. My jaw had a sharp pain right at the hinges. I felt a headache coming on. It was all out of nowhere, really, but it was all very familiar. Usually I would get these symptoms if I had spent all day hunchback over the […]