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Mindfulness for Dissociation and Racing Thoughts

Like many of my readers, I suffer from time to time with dissociation, depersonalization, and racing thoughts. All three of these experiences can be quite frightening, but I’ve found that the more I have had them, the less frightened I am because at least I understand what is going on and have some coping strategies.  Dissociation and depersonalization, from what […]

You’ve Gone Away, So Where Am I? | Identity Disturbance in Borderline Personality Disorder

One of the most terrifying aspects of having Borderline Personality Disorder – at least for me – is identity disturbance.  I am experiencing an anxious episode right now in a very strange way. Because I have been underdoing Dialectical Behavior Therapy, I have a reassuring sense of awareness about the reality of what I am […]

The Empathetic Emotionally Sensitive Person (With Boundary Issues)

Do you ever feel what other people are feeling, even if your own personal circumstances do not match?  Some might say that I am an “empath.”  I say that I am someone with Borderline Personality Disorder who has to be careful not to take on others’ emotions as my own.Today was very draining.  Nothing really […]

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker: Career Issues with BPD Identity Disturbance

Someone made an interesting observation about me the other day, and I have to admit, it’s true.  Over the years, I’ve had a very difficult time sticking with any one job or professional career path.  I have gotten easily bored and, in the past (before learning DBT), would take this as a cue that I […]