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DBT Prayers: A Skill for the Spiritual Seeker (Distress Tolerance)

In this video, I discuss the DBT Distress Tolerance skill of Prayer, which falls under the IMPROVE the Moment component. Thank you for watching and reading.More Soon. If you enjoyed this video, you may like this post:DBT Distress Tolerance Skill: Prayer

DBT Distress Tolerance Skill: Prayer

This week in DBT, one of my fellow group members went over her Diary Card. She shared that she used the skill of Prayer, a Distress Tolerance Skill that falls under the “Improve The Moment Section.”ImageryMeaningPrayerRelaxationOne thing at a timeVacationEncouragement(Above list from page 165 of what I consider to be the essential DBT Bible: Skills Training […]

I’m Going to Massachusetts (in my mind): DBT Improve The Moment “Vacation”

There are times when we become very aware that the only way we will navigate the rough surf of an emotional crisis is to literally take things moment by moment. It doesn’t mean that we have to suffer through each moment. In fact, we can consciously and mindfully escape a moment or two here and […]

Improve the Moment (and Your Life) with DBT

Feeling Overwhelmed with Emotion & Don’t Know Where to Start?Are you feeling overwhelmed with intense emotions, and the situation you are in (your current external circumstances) is not likely to change? Do you want to feel better, even for a moment? This blog post is for you.How do you Change Your Life?When asked, “How do […]