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Border _ | A compassionate documentary on BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder)

Welcome, and please enjoy viewing the documentary “Border  _” This compassionate film on Borderline Personality Disorder and (and the hopeful possibility of RECOVERING from BPD) is the creative and passionate vision of producer/director Dr. Tamra Sattler and features the following women who have all overcome and recovered from (or are in the process of recovering from) Borderline […]

The Power of Befriending Your Critical Voice – Guest Post by Teresa Lynne

In my work with client/peers who are suffering from trauma and  Borderline Personality Disorder,   I have found one pervasive issue with all of them, and that is the relentless ranting of the Critical Voice.   That thing in your head that beats you up all day and night, saying that things will never get better and […]