Help Wanted: Men Have BPD, Too

Just this morning, I received yet another comment from a male reader on my post, “Resources: Men and Borderline Personality Disorder.” Yes: Men have BPD too, and they are reaching out for help. 
I was so pleased to see that Dr. Robert Fischer of Optimum Performance Institute (you’ve probably noticed that they’ve collaborated and partnered with me here at Healing From BPD), spoke up about this issue in an article today entitled, “Men Can Have Borderline Personality Disorder, Too,” with Richard Zwolinksi, LMHC, CASAC & C.R. Zwolinski of Therapy Soup at PsychCentral.  Dr. Fischer’s work with the Roanne Program allows him to help BPD sufferers of all genders, so I have always considered him an expert on this topic.
In the article, the truth about how BPD is mistakenly considered a “women’s disorder” even among the professional community is discussed as well as how Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and other types of treatment have been giving hope to people of all genders who suffer.
Dr. Fischer gets into how BPD typically manifests differently in men vs. women, how the causes for the onset of the disorder may differ as they would from person to person (rather than being gender-specific),  and how help is available to those who seek it — but we need to do more.
I was really moved to see this piece and encourage others in the community, including male sufferers of Borderline Personality Disorder to begin to come forward, speak up, and receive support while advocating for access to services that can help them recover.
Give it a read by clicking here.
Are you a male who suffers from BPD?  What has been your experience with reaching out and receiving services?  Are you a loved one of a man who suffers?  What has been your observation of this issue?
Thanks for reading.
More soon.
In kindness,
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