BPD: Triggered by the Amber Heard Trial

One of the hardest things about having BPD, BPD traits, or emotional sensitivity is that a lot of people don’t understand what it’s like. Most people don’t understand how our minds work and what we go through – and it’s frustrating. So that’s why the other day, I was shocked to see someone who reminded […]

BPD: Does DBT Make You Inauthentic?

  Your wife asks you to help with a household task.  She’s been asking quite a bit lately.  You’re annoyed.  What you notice next is that your emotional reaction is getting big — to the point of rage even — as if something major has just happened. You have the urges to yell…to complain…to leave […]

Borderline Personality Recovery: What It Can Look Like

The Perks of Being a Borderline Resilient

  Please enjoy this guest post written by Eli Juniper Trigger Warning: Frank discussion of suicidal ideation. You. Yes, You. I have tried for so long to explain to You, to make You understand. You have been cruel, You have been ignorant, You have been dismissive. I have grown as a shadow of my true […]

The Choice to Not Abandon Myself

Some mornings, I wake up “scared to death.” I experienced this same fear when I was 20 years old and engaged to be married. For months, there was wedding planning and excitement. One week before the wedding, I woke up crying my eyes out (like I had done for a month or more). I felt […]

BPD & Feeling Crazy…Am I?

  If you’ve been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, BPD traits, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD, or complex cPTSD), it’s very likely that you’ve had the worrisome thought, “Am I crazy?”  If you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks on top of emotional sensitivity, it’s even more likely.  You may also from time to time […]

Got BPD? Doesn’t Mean Everything is Your Fault (Gas Lighting, Adult Bullies, and Narcissism)

                        Rather listen than read? Here’s the audio version of this article:     Recently a reader brought up a very good point that I’ve been meaning to address: it’s *NOT* always the person with borderline personality disorder, BPD traits, or emotional sensitivity that […]

BPD, Insecurity, and Reassurance

BPD, Insecurity, and Reassurance. What’s it all about? Join me for this super quick (less than 5 minutes) lesson on this topic. Looking forward to your thoughts – drop a comment below the video after watching so we can connect! Transcript: Please note that the text below may not be 100% accurate/verbatim to the video. […]

BPD & Accountability (No sugar coating)

  Are people with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) just “innocent victims” of their pasts, or are they responsible for their behavior? You may be surprised by my answer. Let me know your thoughts after watching. Someone recently asked this on a comment thread on my Facebook Page, Debbie of EmotionallySensitive.com, and here’s my response.   […]

Tolerating Being Alone When You Have BPD

I can recall with great detail the distress I used to experience when I needed to spend time alone.  Most of the time, even an hour was difficult, let alone an entire day or evening.  I didn’t understand at the time, but there was a lot going on that contributed to my inability to tolerate others […]