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Brandon Marshall on Overcoming BPD

This week is a bit different at Healing From BPD.   Did you all catch NFL player Brandon Marshall’s special “A Football Life,” on how he overcame Borderline personality disorder? I had a special opportunity after live-tweeting about the event to guest blog at the Roanne Program’s website regarding the show, Brandon’s story, and the topic […]

Top 3 Reasons to Be Hopeful About Recovering From BPD

{via} 1.) People are getting better.   There is evidence around you that people recover.  I recently posted this video about how I no longer meet the criteria for a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. I thought I would suffer the rest of my life from the symptoms of BPD, and I am so relieved […]

The Guy With BPD: Life as a Man Living With and Healing From Borderline Personality Disorder (Guest blogger David O’Garr)

For my 201st post on this blog, I’m doing something a bit different, and it’s something I’d like to do from time to time: I’m featuring a guest blogger.  Today, David O’Garr, our peer, will share his very personal story as a man living with and healing from Borderline Personality Disorder. As David will tell […]