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Who’s Your Daddy? | Behaving Like a Child in an Adult Relationship

I’m into sitcoms, and while I realize that the relationships and story lines are often far from the reality that you and I experience in real life, I can’t help but notice something: the way the women in the sitcoms I watch relate to and communicate with their significant others…like adults…like equals. During these past 24 days of […]

We Are Not Monsters | Borderline Personality Disorder

A tweet from a twitter friend today confirmed that I needed to write this post. She came across a BPD hate website, apparently written by ex-lovers of people with Borderline Personality Disorder. Although I haven’t personally read the site (nor do I want to), as a person who lives with, copes with, and who is […]

BPD & Friendship: My lonely road

I had a difficult phone call today. I was speaking to someone who had been a dear friend to me for several years.  I hadn’t spoken to her since August, when I broke her heart by dropping out of her wedding (as her bridesmaid) just weeks before her big day. I had begun to grow […]