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Easily Emotionally Triggered by TV, Movies, & The News? : Ways to Protect Yourself

For most of my life I’ve been very sensitive to certain types of content on TV, in movies, and on the radio.  How I ever managed to watch and enjoy the HBO series The Sopranos for years is really beyond me, because now all it takes is just a brief image of violence in a […]

Online DBT Group Announcement/Update

Since we launched our initial pilot group (we are now in Week 12), we have been receiving a substantial amount of emails from those of you wanting to get on-board for the next round. We have a big announcement to make about the new and improved group series that we’ll be bringing to you. We are very […]

Online DBT Group (Co-facilitated by Debbie Corso!)

I am super excited to announce that I’m co-facilitating an entirely online DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy Class) internationally to those who wish to learn and practice the skills. A diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder is not necessary. I will have more information for you as it becomes available, but for now, here’s what’s happening: Assignments […]