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Top 3 Reasons to Turn off Malaysia Airplane Story (If you’re emotionally sensitive)

    I don’t know why I do this to myself.  If you are emotionally sensitive, have emotion dysregulation issues, or have Borderline Personality Disorder, I wonder if you can relate.   Over two weeks ago, I, like much of the world, was shocked and confused to learn that a commercial Boeing airplane carrying over […]

Differences between Dissociation and Detachment

In this video, I speak about what I learned last night in PTSD trauma recovery group on the distinctions between dissociation and detachment. Some thoughts on Dissociation vs. Emotional Detachment: 1. Dissociation is really an involuntary process of the mind to protect us, whereas, on some level, emotional detachment can be intentional.  Dissociation is being […]

Healing In The City: How I Got Through A Very Emotional Meeting in San Francisco (with photos)

Sometimes we have to do things that terrify us. We have to show up for meetings or other appointments that we’d rather altogether avoid. Sometimes, as was the case for me yesterday, avoidance would cause more harm than actually showing up and dealing with the issue at hand. So, as anxious as I was (anxiety […]