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Another Perspective on BPD & Recovery (Guest Post By Caroline of Down The Center)

I need to start with an admission.  When Debbie suggested that I write this post about how I have “integrated the skills [of DBT] into your work life,” my initial excitement about getting to write for her blog dissipated into feelings of terror.  Despite having moved past my initial diagnosis of BPD and gone on to […]

Both Sides of The Borderline (Personality Disorder): My Recovery From BPD

This is my story of Borderline Personality Disorder: how the 5+ of the 9 criteria necessary for diagnosis (from the DSM 4) showed up in my life, and how I no longer meet enough of the criteria to be considered “Borderline.”   I am now in recovery. What does that mean?  Am I symptom free? Who am I now? […]

Guest Post: How I Coped When my “Innie” Child Became an “Outie”: Relationships, Intimacy, & Age Regression

Please welcome Mary’s very first guest post here at Healing From BPD: I’ve been asked to write on a very personal topic, and I find myself in a very vulnerable place in sharing my experience will you all.  Many might find this post triggering, upsetting, or unsettling as it encompasses subjects such as childhood sexual abuse, […]