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BPD & Addicted to Drama

Are people with borderline personality disorder “addicted” to drama? My answer might surprise you. Take biology, past history, and other issues into account, and we can understand this issue a bit better and learn how to compassionately approach and work on issues around drama addiction. Some of the topics covered in the video: A personal […]

Coping With The Pain of Having Your Mental Illness Diagnosis Invalidated

I think that perhaps one of the most painful and frustrating aspects of having a mental illness is when loved ones do not validate our experience. Many of us have heard things like: It’s all in your head. You’re imagining it all. It’s a made up diagnosis. There’s no such thing as [insert your diagnosis] […]

Self-Soothing As An Adult

If we were very fortunate, as little children we were soothed and validated by our caretakers. When we cried, they held us and told us it would be okay. When we were frightened, we were reassured.All too often, those with Borderline Personality Disorder grew up in invalidating environments and did not receive enough soothing and […]

Invalidating Environments & Borderline Personality Disorder

During DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) group today, one of my peers mentioned that out of all of the hell she experienced growing up as a child who was abused and in a very invalidating environment, the one thing she learned from her parents was that she can do ANYTHING on her own.  Our therapist said that […]