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DBT Golden Nugget: Yes We Can! (Borderline Personality Disorder)

Introducing DBT Golden Nuggets from HealingFromBPD.org.  These will be shorter posts that appear now and then on the blog and that address a quick tip around Borderline Personality Disorder and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  I hope you find them helpful!Today’s DBT Golden Nugget is: Yes We Can!DBT even appears in my dreams!  Last night, I dreamed […]

DBT Skills in the Workplace | An Example

I am excited to share with you an experience I had today at work. It was a very practical application of DBT skills.  I hope that by reading it you will be encouraged to continue your journey with hope, as things truly DO GET BETTER with hard work and time! In the past, including in […]

Getting off of SSD Social Security When You Have Mental Illness

I remember the appointment with my therapist at the time.  I met with him to discuss the paperwork that Social Security had sent me.  He needed to fill out the evaluation so that the Social Security Disability department could determine if I was still disabled and therefore eligible for ongoing benefits. I had been on […]