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Trauma Triggers: Tips for Handling Visits From Estranged Family Members (BPD)

Enjoy this post via the Roanne Program for young adults with BPD or BPD traits.. The holidays often inspire estranged individuals to attempt to restore contact with the family. If the estranged individual acts as a trauma trigger for your Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), just the thought of direct contact can suddenly intensify your symptoms. Unexpectedly […]

Easily Emotionally Triggered by TV, Movies, & The News? : Ways to Protect Yourself

For most of my life I’ve been very sensitive to certain types of content on TV, in movies, and on the radio.  How I ever managed to watch and enjoy the HBO series The Sopranos for years is really beyond me, because now all it takes is just a brief image of violence in a […]

Triggered by Road Rage (and How I Used DBT Skills to Cope)

I experienced something very scary today that shook me to the core and got my nervous system triggered.  Have you ever been involved in road rage?  Whether you’ve been the “villain” or the “victim” of this heinous behavior (and, I’ve been both more than once), you know how terrible you are left feeling after the […]