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BPD, Ghosting, and Abandonment Issues

WHEN A PERSON WITH BPD IS GHOSTED It can be incredibly difficult when someone suddenly disappears or “ghosts” from your life — especially once you’ve risked your heart, allowed yourself to be vulnerable, and have become emotionally attached or invested. When you have borderline personality disorder, BPD traits, or emotional sensitivity, it may also be […]

3 Ways To Handle Feelings Of Abandonment When A Loved One Travels

Enjoy this post via the Roanne Program for young adults with BPD or BPD traits.. With the holidays fast on their way, you may need to start preparing yourself for your loved one’s yearly travels. Throughout life, there may be many necessary short and long-term travel periods that cause you to be separated. You must […]

Coping With Abandonment Issues (and I think P!nk “gets” us)

Yesterday, I had to drop my boyfriend off at the airport. (I wrote about how my fear of abandonment has been triggered, here, the other day.)He’s only going away for a little over a week, but trying to calm my inner child (and nervous system) with that bit of information is challenging.Here’s a pic I took of […]

Please, please…Don’t Leave Me | The Borderline’s Plea

Since recently reading and blogging about the speculation that Marilyn Monroe may have had Borderline Personality Disorder, I became more intrigued.  Last night, I rented the movie, “My Week With Marilyn,” which claims to be based on a true story.  Here are my thoughts around the parallels I have sen in my own life as […]