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Myth: Never Date a Girl With BPD

We all know that Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) carries with it lots of stigma that causes its sufferers to often feel ashamed and ostracized  A great deal of the work that I do with this website and all over the world involves putting human faces to the diagnosis — a dx that is so often grossly […]

Creating Safety: The Boundary Bubble (Boundaries & BPD)

In this brief, no-frills video, I talk about the challenges that emotionally sensitive people, such as those of us with Borderline Personality Disorder, face when it comes to boundaries.  I also introduce more information on creating a boundary bubble as a self-help tool. Here is the other blog post about the Boundary Bubble that I […]

Boundary Bubble for the Emotionally Sensitive Person

We can’t end all suffering everywhere. We can’t eliminate or even lessen the suffering of some. But, for many of us with Borderline Personality Disorder, and others who are just naturally very emotionally sensitive, we may feel a substantial burden to do so, which inevitably causes US to suffer more. I’ll give you an example. […]

Paying Forward The Compassion You’ve Received – Empathy and BPD

If I can save one person, perhaps you, from unnecessary suffering because you are able to gleam some insight into similarities in your own life and behavior, this post will be worth it. I am going to trust that someone, somewhere will stumble across this post, see themselves in my story, and find hope. I’ve […]

From Doormat to Bitch In 5 Seconds Flat | Assertiveness: The Happy Medium

 We are each responsible for our own well-being and boundaries. This is something I wish I had learned at a much younger age so that perhaps I’d be closer to mastering the associated skills to achieve balance around this, but I have made progress in accepting this concept as truth.    I’ve spent a lot of […]

Trusting Your Intuition: Invasion of Boundaries

There are some moments that just make you stop and ask, “Really? Did that really just happen?”  I’ve had many moments in my life like that, especially as a child and young adult.  Most were right after someone had chosen to abuse or violate me in some way, and I very rarely had the courage to […]

Do You Have “Mother Hen” Syndrome? | Boundaries & Borderline Personality Disorder

Do you have “Mother Hen Syndrome*”?  I sure do.  As someone with Borderline Personality Disorder, a combination of issues around my sense of identity and my sometimes blurry experience of boundaries in relationships cause me to take on more than my responsibility when it comes to others.Let’s see if you can relate.Mother Hen Syndrome Quiz:1. […]

Beware of Energy Vampires: Boundaries and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

I’ve been blogging about my experience with Borderline Personality Disorder and DBT for about two years now.  I intend to continue doing so, as the process is quite therapeutic for me, and my readers from around the world are so kind to let me know that they feel helped and encouraged by witnessing my journey.One […]

Hello. I Love You. Won’t you tell me your name? | Boundaries and Borderline Personality Disorder

“Hello. I love you. Won’t you tell me your name?”  Boundaries and Borderline Personality Disorder — That’s what this post is about.   When I first meet someone, I know that all of my insecurities come up. I desperately want everyone to like and approve of me.  Of course, this probably stems from a childhood […]

The Empathetic Emotionally Sensitive Person (With Boundary Issues)

Do you ever feel what other people are feeling, even if your own personal circumstances do not match?  Some might say that I am an “empath.”  I say that I am someone with Borderline Personality Disorder who has to be careful not to take on others’ emotions as my own.Today was very draining.  Nothing really […]