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Skills for a Psychiatric Pickle* (*dilemma) – Rapping about DBT

In DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), we learn that if you can solve a problem that is distressing you, then problem solving is a great place to start.  But what happens when you find yourself extremely stressed out by a situation over which you have no immediate control or way of resolving? We encounter situations like this […]

Does The Moon Affect Our Moods? | Emotion Dysregulation

As someone with Borderline Personality Disorder who experiences intense emotions that often get dysregulated, I’m always interested in learning about possible causes or connections to shifts in mood. I’ll even go so far as to consider the urban legend that the full moon can cause strange things to happen here on earth. If you had […]

Coping with an Emotional Crisis of Epic Proportions (BPD)

I’ve been having difficulties emotionally this morning. I was severely triggered.TRIGGER WARNINGIf you’re feeling strong enough to read this section, I think you’ll get a lot out of it if you have similar triggers. LISTEN to your gut and engage in the self-care that YOU need.These are the triggered I was able to identify as […]

Crisis Averted using DBT PLEASE Skills

I’m proud of myself. Today I experienced a medical issue that, when I last experienced it about a  year and a half a go, landed me in the ER in a state of panic.  It’s a good thing I did go the first time.  Doing so lead to a test the next day that showed […]

How to Stop Destroying Your Life When You’re in an Emotional Crisis

This blog post focuses on how I have been able to keep myself from completely self-sabotaging during times of emotional crisis.  I didn’t have that ability before.  If you don’t have it now, it’s something you can work on and develop, just like I did. Here is what I’ve learned so far:First things first: STOP. […]

A difficult few days | Borderline Personality Disorder and PTSD

What do you do when you’ve been going along fine, feeling mentally well, and feeling stable — when suddenly, as if out of nowhere (though you later discover there was, as Dr. Marsha Linehan says, “cause”), you have an episode, and it feels like you’ve backtracked? This is going to be a long one. Writing […]

911 Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills for When You’re Triggered

When things get so intense that you begin to go into crisis, it’s time to pull out your 911 Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills. In this post, I will briefly go into a situation that triggered me today (it’s about an abusive alcoholic… if that might be a trigger for you, you can skip the italicized […]