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Top 10 DBT Skills for Overcoming Alexithymia & Depression (#8 is my Favorite right now!)

    Please welcome Rachel Cooper and her very first guest blog piece at Healing From BPD!  From Rachel:     I often get asked what skills I have learned during my time in recovery from depression, and how I cope on a day-to-day basis.   TW – Trigger Warning   Though I have been […]

Improve the Moment (and Your Life) with DBT

Feeling Overwhelmed with Emotion & Don’t Know Where to Start?Are you feeling overwhelmed with intense emotions, and the situation you are in (your current external circumstances) is not likely to change? Do you want to feel better, even for a moment? This blog post is for you.How do you Change Your Life?When asked, “How do […]

An Off Day: Using DBT Skills When You Feel Weird

Today pretty much felt “off” from the get go.  I kept finding myself staring into space, feeling disconnected, and with a flat affect (no expression on my face).  I wasn’t thinking about anything in particular. It was such a peculiar state and feeling. When I got to work, I noticed the feeling manifest itself in the […]