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7 Signs That You Might Be An Emotionally Sensitive Person

 You might be an emotionally sensitive person if… You cry at Cheerios commercials You sometimes literally seem to feel what others feel You have an especially hard time coping with criticism. You’ve been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder or Bipolar Disorder. You have a hard time sorting out and identifying what you’re actually feeling. You […]

Being Emotionally Sensitive (Crying over Cherrios Nana Commercial)

   Here is the Cheerios Nana commercial that I mentioned in my vlog above.Here is the Boundary Bubble post that I mentioned.

Anxiety: A Mouse With A Microphone

I woke up this morning not feeling the best physically. I’ll spare you the unnecessary details and just tell you that the particular symptoms I experienced are strongly associated with a childhood trigger.I was really proud of myself this morning as I was able to, though I didn’t feel well and continued to experience the […]

Surviving an Emotional Storm Sandy | Borderline Personality Disorder & Intense Emotions

While our friends and family on the east coast brace for the effects of Hurricane Sandy, many of us all over the world are coping with emotional / mental health storms within.For many months, I’ve been writing about an upcoming work-related meeting. It’s finally happening this Wednesday.  Thinking about all of the hours between now […]

Using DBT to Help You Identify & Describe What You Feel

I’ve noticed recently in DBT class (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) that when I feel a sense of overwhelm of emotions, it is often difficult for me to clearly and immediately identify which emotion(s) I am feeling. Image Credit The therapist who leads the group suggested that I utilize my DBT binder and head over to the […]

Jealousy: Emotion Regulation Handout 4 (DBT)

Today I experienced an emotion that many of us would be embarrassed and hesitant to admit: jealousy. At first I didn’t even recognize that this was the emotion I was so intensely experiencing. I sensed fear. I sensed anger. I felt a mix of so many different things. I decided to pull out my DBT (Dialectical Behavior […]

Emotion Regulation Worksheet 2 with Personal Example | Pros and Cons

Today in DBT class, we focused on the DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) Pro’s and Cons exercise as outlined in the top portion of this worksheet: From Skills Training Manual for Treating Borderline Personality Disorder by Marsha Linehan Lately I have been dissociating when my boyfriend talks about his plans to go and live with family […]

Emotional Sensitivity, Impulsiveness, and BPD

I often tell other people who are suffering with intense, extreme emotions and urges that no matter how intense, extreme, or strong it is, it will pass. Not only will it pass, but you also do NOT have to follow through on any impulse to act during that time. Often when we are in a […]

How To Change Your Emotions [If you WANT to]

Today in DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) class, we covered the Emotion Regulation Skill of “Opposite Action.”  In this post, I summarize what I got out of the video we watched by Marsha Linehan. No copyright infringement intended. Just passing along knowledge to better process the material myself and to help others. How to Change Emotions […]

Jealous, Insecure Inner Child at Work | Listening To Her Concerns

It started out with physical sensations.  My neck and shoulders hurt. My jaw had a sharp pain right at the hinges. I felt a headache coming on. It was all out of nowhere, really, but it was all very familiar. Usually I would get these symptoms if I had spent all day hunchback over the […]