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DBT Distress Tolerance Skill of Comparisons: How and Why To Use It

As I lay in bed the other night feeling restless and moody, I began to search for what was causing my distress. As an emotionally sensitive person (who is becoming better at managing intense emotions with time and lots of continued DBT practice,) I am still and likely may always be a little more annoyed […]

Open Letter to Dr. Marsha Linehan from Debbie Corso

For an assignment in the Positive Psychology course that I am taking this summer as part of my grad school program, we were asked to write a gratitude letter to someone who affected our lives. I chose Dr. Marsha Linehan, who developed Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and who has suffered herself as an emotionally sensitive […]

5 Symptoms That Are Often Confused With Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) | Guest Post by Marcela De Vivo

Please welcome guest blogger Marcela De Vivo and her post, “Symptoms That Are Often Confused With BPD.” TW: This post contains content that may be triggering for some readers. Mental illness can be difficult enough for friends and loved ones to detect at all, but distinguishing among similar conditions is even more of a challenge. […]

Upcoming Documentary on BPD (and Why I Agreed To Be In It)

I always had a feeling I’d end up on the silver screen, having loved classic movies all of my life and dreaming of being a starlet. What I didn’t expect was what my first “starring role” would be: a raw, up-close and personal portrait-style interview in a documentary on Borderline Personality Disorder.  Yes, upon the […]

Both Sides of The Borderline (Personality Disorder): My Recovery From BPD

This is my story of Borderline Personality Disorder: how the 5+ of the 9 criteria necessary for diagnosis (from the DSM 4) showed up in my life, and how I no longer meet enough of the criteria to be considered “Borderline.”   I am now in recovery. What does that mean?  Am I symptom free? Who am I now? […]

Healing From BPD — One Step at a Time

Healing from Borderline Personality Disorder is not something that happens overnight. And, “healing” will mean something different to each person who reads this post. For me, the healing process has been about not allowing the symptoms of BPD to control my life any longer.  It’s not that I am completely symptom-free or that I never react to the […]

Full Video Version of the Open Letter to Non-BPDs From Those of Us With Borderline Personality Disorder (and French video version)

  This is the FULL video version of the Open Letter From Those of Us With Borderline Personality Disorder. Please feel free to share this with loved ones to help them understand what you so bravely face every day. You can read the full letter here (it went viral!): An Open Letter From those of us […]

New Year: Crossroads for My Healing From BPD Blog

I want to thank all of my readers — from those who have been with me from the beginning to all of my wonderful newcomers.  If you check out the Archives and scroll down to the bottom, you can check out how my posts have progressed since I’ve started blogging here.  My initial intention for […]

DBT Golden Nugget: Yes We Can! (Borderline Personality Disorder)

Introducing DBT Golden Nuggets from HealingFromBPD.org.  These will be shorter posts that appear now and then on the blog and that address a quick tip around Borderline Personality Disorder and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.  I hope you find them helpful!Today’s DBT Golden Nugget is: Yes We Can!DBT even appears in my dreams!  Last night, I dreamed […]

Feel Good Diary Sheets | A tool for remembering

Do you have trouble remembering the “good” and pleasant moments and memories when you are in a crisis or dealing with intense, difficult emotions?  I know that this has been a challenge for me on many occasions, and that this is a particularly challenging thing to do for a lot of people who have Borderline […]